How to Burn a Clean Candle

Does your candle jar end up looking like this?
If so, you may need a few tips on how to burn a candle properly so your candle will last longer and produces less soot!!

A regular customer of mine returned a jar she had burned her candle in.  I had given this candle to her provided she return the jar after the candle was burned. Jars can be used again since soy wax can easily be cleaned out of the jar with hot soapy water.  With that said, I was not prepared to see the condition of the jar when it was returned.  That is when it occurred to me that not everyone knows how to burn a candle properly.  When a candle is burn properly, it will burn longer and produce much less soot.  While soy candles produce much less soot than paraffin, they will still produce soot if not burned correctly.  Here are some tips below on how to burn a candle:

1)  Make sure before you light the candle for the first time that you cut the wick back to 1/4" to 1/2". Now, going forward make sure to cut your wick back every time you light your candle.

2)  On the first burn you wan to ensure that the candle pools completely to the edges of the jar to prevent tunneling.  The first burn may be 4 to 6 hours at least.  Ideally a pool of 1/4" to 1/2" is ideal.  See pic below.

3)  Keep your candle out of drafty areas.  You will know if there is a draft if the candle is flickering rapidly and/or the flame is more than 2" high.  In these cases, move the candle to a less drafty area and trim back wick again and relight.  Also, if you notice a mushroom on top of the candle, you can trim that back and the candle will burn like the example on #2 again.

4)  Important:  After blowing your candle out for the day, wipe out the inside of the jar above the pool with a damp warm soapy paper towel.  While you will not have the normal build up like you have with a paraffin, you candle can still have a candle that will burn beautifully while creating a memorable ambiance and scent.
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